Putt Out Mirror

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PuttOUT Golf Putting Mirror

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  • Practice Putting Mirror

PuttOut latest release of putting training aid is the PuttOUT mirror this mirror is great for fine tuning your putting stroke, featuring alignment lines, putter guides and gates for precise training. Practising with this training aid is guaranteed to bring your average putts down per round.

The PuttOUT Mirror comes with a stand-alone 50mm putting gate, as well as set of two 3-inch magnetic alignment guides, allowing you to not only practice eye, shoulder and ball alignment, but also to actively work on your stroke’s path and target by having the putter pass through the guides.


  • Putting Mirror Trainer with Gates
  • 50mm steel putting gate
  • Magnetic putter guides
  • Putter width markings
  • Acrylic Mirror
  • Steel solid base
  • Protective carry bag