Meet The Team

                 Luke Farrell


   NZPGA Certified Professional 

I picked up golf at the age of 15 having played many sports as a youngster: Tennis, soccer, ice hockey and cricket. I initially loved the social aspects that the game could offer and the idea that there was always something to work on. I enjoyed the fact that every day you could make little improvements towards an ultimate goal and these ideas pushed me to eventually play golf as my number one sport. Straight out of high school I pursued a career as a professional fire fighter however the passion and drive for golf was still very strong. I was able to continue working hard at my game until I was ready to commence my traineeship with the NZ PGA.

I consider it a privilege to be on the golf course or at the range helping people improve and reach their goals whether they are just picking up the game or are playing at a high level. My hope for everyone who comes to see me is that they leave every lesson not just with more ideas about the technical aspects of golf but with a better understanding of how to practice with purpose and make lasting improvements. Coaching is a true passion of mine and the same drive and determination that I used for my own game has now shifted into becoming the best coach I can possibly be through constant learning and up skilling.

            Peter Witton 
NZPGA Trainee Professional 

Ever since I was a kid I've been surrounded by golf. Introduced to the game by my parents it was always juggled with other sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball and at one point even Rugby League. I decided I wanted to become a golf professional when I was 18 in my final year of high school. What drew me to this profession was the love of the game and being able to teach and help other people reach their goals. Since I left High School I have worked in the golf industry, working for the Institute of Golf as a range boy, and then went on to work at the Waitemata Golf Club, Whangaparaoa Golf Club  and most recently the Pukekohe Golf Club as the assistant professional. My belief to providing great service is having great product knowledge; knowing in depth what each product is designed to do is what I pride myself in. I look forward to being able to help you with your golf game.