Ecco Mens S-Three
Ecco Mens S-Three

Ecco Mens S-Three

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The S-Three hybrid shoe features a brand new midsole technology which is said to deliver a new level of zonal support for golfers during the course of their round.

The S-Three hybrid shoe, which combines on-course performance and on-course style, benefits from Zonal Fluidform Technology.

This consists of a moulded midsole with three distinct zones of softness, to ensure a balance of cushioning and stability in the most important areas of the foot.

The heel of the midsole provides medium softness to ensure the right level of comfort and cushioning, while the central section has higher levels of rigidity to deliver stability throughout the golf swing.

The forefront of the midsole comes with the highest level of softness for extra comfort whilst walking.

The Zonal Fluidform is implemented via a multi section injection process, and each pair of S-Three has exclusive features and colour transitions between the three sections. This gives each pair it's own unique look.

The shoe upper is made from a thicker Solf Calf Nappa leather, with 100% Gore-Tex technology to make sure that your feet are dry and comfortable no matter the conditions.

Two layers of neoprene in the collar and heel give plenty of padding for extra comfort during the swing, whilst Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology creates a balance between cushioning and rebound. This creates a flexible and durable bond, free from any compromises that would have to be made by stitched/glued shoes.

Finally, Ecco's award-winning Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS) outsole utilises more than 100 traction bars, providing over 800 traction angles to ensure that you have plenty of grip regardless of the weather and surface type.