MGi Zip Navigator Black

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Play shots under less fatigue with the new MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy, as you walk free around the course while your caddy does all the work. Featuring MGI’s renowned full directional remote control, roam free and experience the ease in which this electric golf caddy moves around the golf course. Control the speed remotely while the automatic downhill speed control feature effortlessly takes control down any hilly terrain. The most significant technological triumph on the Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy is what lies within. Traverse across the toughest of terrain and watch as the Patented Gyroscope automatically tracks the electric golf caddy on a straight course. Walk free and play hard with the Zip Navigator.




Love the freedom I get from this experience that I did not get with my Clicgear 3.5. I play 4 days/wk on a hilly course, so it takes a burden off exertion and makes a more enjoyable walk.

John Sestak


I play a lot of golf (over 100 rds/yr) and always walk and use my Clicgear 3.5. I was having a lower back pain that I finally figured out was due to the forward position of pushing my Clicgear. You would never put yourself in that forward position for a 5 mile walk would you? So I decided to get an electric remote cart, researched them all and couldn't be happier with the Zip Navigator. Battery life is easily over 36 holes, but I always keep it on the charger in the garage after every rd to extend the life of the battery. The remote has a battery too, that I am sure is good for weeks, but I plug it in too at the same time. The cart if very stable, range is great and easy to drive. It folds down as small as my Clicgear, which is huge, since I keep everything in the trunk. It has the same fit and finish as the Clicgear, which is very high. I would definitely suggest spending the money for the remote, that way you can send it ahead to your ball or next tee and the cart is not always tethered to you. It is so much more flexible and is also fun to drive as long as you get into good habits. As far as accessories, there are a lot of them, but the drink holder and umbrella holder seems like musts...I also got the scorecard holder since I hate having a scorecard/pencil in my pocket.