PGF Rescue Chipper - Men’s

Composition: RH/35’’/Steel
Sale price$99.00


If greenside confidence has disappeared, the new PGF Rescue Chippers may be the solution. The heavy Stainless Steel heads encourange a consistent pendulum action while the offset hosel encourages positive shaft lean for clean, consistent ball contact. The wide, rocker sole with a relieved trailing edge sits nicely on all surfaces and minimises unwanted turf interraction. PGF Rescue chippers come with a soft, midsize grip for even better greenside feel.

PGF’s New Rescue Chipper Will Restore Your Greenside Confidence

  • Heavy Stainless Steel Head Helps Create Pendulum Action for Consistent Impact                                             
  • Radiused Sole for Optimal Turf Interaction                                          
  • 37° Loft for Optimal Launch & Roll Out                                   
  • Available In GRH, GLH & LRH      

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