Wilson Staff Ladies D200 Fairway Wood

Wilson Staff Ladies D200 Fairway Wood

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The Wilson Womens D200 Fairway woods is engineered for women golfers who are looking for a lightweight fairway wood with maximum distance. This club features a 455 maraging face insert and Right Light technology to ensure an easy, smooth swing.Hit it further and straighter every time with Wilson D200 fairway woods.

Designed with a low profile stainless steel body the Wilson Staff Ladies D200 fairway wood features a 455 Maraging Face insert that allows incredible ball speeds to be created off the face for maximum distance as well as making the sweetspot larger and more forgiving.

Wilson Staff have also used their Right Light technology in the D200 fairway wood. Right Light makes the overall weight of the fairway wood superlight, by making the weight if the club superlight Wilson Staff have made the D200 Ladies fairway wood easier to swing even faster for more distance with the same effort.

Product Features

  • Right Light Technology - Has allowed Wilson Staff to produce the lightest club on the market for extreme distance 
  • Maraging Steel Face - For extreme ball speeds and a larger sweet spot
  • Low Profile Head Design - More heel and toe coverage allows the ultimate versatility