Garmin Approach S70 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S70 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin has finally unveiled their new Approach S70 and as far as GPS golf watches go, it looks like a standout in a very crowded market.

The latest generation of Garmin’s Approach range is available in two sizes, three colours and features some impressive new features and updates.

But is there enough fizz to tempt golfers to upgrade from their existing GPS watch or lure first-timers to dip their toes into the wearable tech pool?

We think so.

New Zealand Release Date: 25/06/2023


Garmin S70 GSP Golf Watch - AMOLED Screen

One of the main complaints about GPS golf watches is that they become difficult to read in direct sunlight or low light conditions.

However, Garmin have decided to tackle that general grievance head-on with the introduction of a new AMOLED touchscreen display in the Approach S70.

AMOLED is the same technology used in high-end mobile phone screens and it offers a bright and easy-to-read display regardless of the prevailing light conditions.

The Garmin S70's new display also features a higher resolution to facilitate the remarkable topographic detail available in the new watch’s 43,000 navigable course maps.


Garmin S70 GPS Golf Watch - Pick your Size

Garmin recognise that comfort is the key to playing good golf so they’ve made the Approach S70 in two different sizes.

There’s a larger 47mm model, available in BLACK, and a smaller 42mm model that comes in two colours — WHITE or powder GREY.

The larger black model features a bigger screen 35.41mm (454 x 454 Pixels), is chunkier and heavier (56g), and has a watch band designed for larger wrists (130-205mm circumference).

The white/grey models have a smaller screen 32.02mm (390 x 390 Pixels), are sleeker and lighter (44g) and will suit golfers with narrower wrists (115-185mm circumference).


Garmin S70 GSP Golf Watch - Playslike Distances

The new Garmin Approach S70 now features an in-built barometer, which records air pressure data to feed into the watch’s PlaysLike distance algorithm.

The PlaysLike function also accounts for other environmental conditions such as wind speed and direction, temperature, and elevation to generate one of the most accurate distance assessments in the game.

It’ll remove the guesswork out of your game and get you playing the correct yardages in every instance.


Garmin S70 GSP Golf Watch - Virtual Caddie

The Approach S70 also has an improved Virtual Caddie on board.

Garmin’s Virtual Caddie now factors in a user’s shot dispersion data when suggesting which club to hit — in conjunction with its assessment of wind speed and direction, temperature, elevation and air pressure.

To access the Virtual Caddie on the Approach S70, shot data needs to be collected through the Garmin golf app.

Shot data can be fed directly into the Garmin golf app, with the Approach S70’s AutoShot game tracking able to be automated with the purchase of Garmin’s CT10 club sensors. 


Garmin S70 GSP Golf Watch - Detailed Course Maps

The Approach S70’s new high-resolution AMOLED screen means the 43,000 course maps in the Garmin database can be viewed in greater detail than ever before.

Users can zoom in and analyse each hole in remarkable detail, with the location of trees, bunkers, hazards, greens and fairways displayed with incredible accuracy — all in glorious full colour on the AMOLED screen.


Garmin S70 GSP Golf Watch - Green Contour Mapping

Green reading is a hard-to-master golf skill but the new Approach S70 is only too happy to lend a helping hand.

With a Garmin Golf app membership, the Approach S70 can offer a read on every slope on every green via its Green Contour mapping feature.

The green map offers a hot spot overview of the terrain so you can get a feel for which way your putt is going to break on the green.

With Green Contour, the Approach S70 will even help you hole more putts — how good is that?


Now you can play more golf than ever before on a single charge with the new Approach S70.

The 47mm model can be used for up to 20 hours in GPS mode or 16 days of regular use while the smaller 42mm watch can stay live for 15 hours in GPS mode or 10 days in a non-golf application.

The Approach S70 watch is recharged via a USB-C charging cable, which plugs into a slot on the underside of the face.

Garmin S70 GSP Golf Watch - Lifestyle on the course


The Approach S70 functions like many other GPS watches, providing distances to the front, middle and back of every green and distances to key hazards and doglegs.

The unit’s Green View allows manual drag-and-drop placement of the daily pin location to provide ultra-accurate distances to the flag.

You can also keep track of your score on the Approach S70’s digital scorecard.

And one more thing. The Garmin Approach S70 keeps the time just like a regular watch!


Garmin S70 GSP Golf Watch - Lifestyle OFF the course

For those rare times when you’re not thinking about golf, the Approach S70 can keep tabs on other aspects of your life with its health, training and fitness apps.

Dedicated strength, yoga and cardio activity apps can build your golfing strength and mobility while the Garmin Coach app can help you maintain or improve your overall fitness.

The Approach S70 also has a mode that keeps an eye on your sleep patterns so you’re always well rested and fresh for your next round.

It also logs the number of steps you’ve taken, distance travelled and calories burnt so you can work out how many frothies you can enjoy guilt-free after your round. 

And if you’re feeling the vibe out on the course, you can listen to your favourite tunes via the Approach S70; download your playlists from Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music, pair your Bluetooth speaker or headphones to the S70 and enjoy some block rockin’ beats out on the fairway.


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