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Golf HQ is where you will find some of the finest golf coaching in Auckland and the Hibiscus Coast. The team of Blake and Hamish are passionate about providing the superior golf coaching and fitting services to their customers. Learn more about the professionals at Golf HQ below and book your next lesson to take your game to the next level.

Meet the Golf HQ Professionals 

          BLAKE COWLEY
  • Class AA Member of the New Zealand PGA 
  • Head professional & Owner of  Golf HQ
  • Head professional at Whangaparaoa GC, Omaha GC & Golf HQ
  • Titleist/Footjoy Ambassador 


             HAMISH GRANT 

Learn More About Hamish

  • NZPGA Stage 3 Trainee Professional 
  • Owner of Golf HQ
  • Head Professional at The Omaha Beach Golf Club
  • Professional at Whangaparaoa Golf Club & Helensville Golf Club
  • Ping/Mizuno/Ecco Ambassador 


               EMMA FAIRNIE  


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  • Class AA member of the PGA of Scotland
  • Edinburgh University, BSc Applied Sport Science (Hons.)
  • Teaching Professional at Omaha GC
  • Owner of Emma Fairnie Golf


I was introduced to golf by my brother and dad when I was 10 at a tiny country golf club in the Scottish Borders. By the time I was 12, I was playing high level junior events as part of the Scottish National Teams, and at 14 gained a golf scholarship to Loretto School just outside Edinburgh.  I have always been very sporty and love to give everything a go, so when I left school I decided to study Applied Sport Science at Edinburgh University, and then then turned professional in 2010.

I completed my PGA training at Gullane Golf Club in Scotland, where I was top trainee for all three years of training and was awarded runner-up in the Trainee of the Year Awards in 2013. In 2014, I was ready for a new Challenge and moved to New Zealand to join the Institute of Golf team and after 5 years, wanted to develop my skills by taking on a new goal and working independently from courses around Auckland.

My background in sport sciences has driven much of my golfing methods and philosophies.  I believe in creating a swing that is the most efficient and effective way for that player to achieve their goals.  Whether you are looking to start golfing or want to take your golf to the next level, I can help you to achieve these goals. I also love working with juniors and have had many successes with multiple players representing New Zealand at age group levels in 2018 and 2019.


             PETER WITTON



  • NZPGA Trainee Professional 
  • Assistant Professional at Omaha Golf Club & Golf HQ
  • Ping/Ecco Ambassador


Ever since I was a kid I've been surrounded by golf. Introduced to the game by my parents it was always juggled with other sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball and at one point even Rugby League. I decided I wanted to become a golf professional when I was 18 in my final year of high school. What drew me to this profession was the love of the game and being able to teach and help other people reach their goals. Since I left High School I have worked in the golf industry, working for the Institute of Golf as a range boy, and then went on to work at the Waitemata Golf Club, Whangaparaoa Golf Club  and most recently the Pukekohe Golf Club as the assistant professional. My belief to providing great service is having great product knowledge; knowing in depth what each product is designed to do is what I pride myself in. I look forward to being able to help you with your golf game


  Meet The Golf HQ Staff  


        SHIRLY JONES  


I married in to a family of golfers!  After years of looking after kids while they all played golf  I decided to join them! I was lucky to hear about the She Loves Golf initiative and attended a course at The Whangaparaoa Golf Club.  There I met our coach Blake Cowley and a wonderful group of girls who I now play golf with weekly.  We are still going strong two years later. I was keen to improve and continued lessons with Blake which led to me becoming a part time employee of Golf HQ. I have a strong interest in fashion and assist the boys when ordering golf clothing and active wear and generally keep the shop ship-shape and the boys inline……!