NEW Titleist T-Series Irons 2023

The T-Series juggernaut rolls on with a third edition and Titleist has once again packed the irons full of technology, both inside and out.

The new T-Series family is comprised of four iron sets, a standalone long iron replacement and a utility iron, and each model is engineered to blend seamlessly into a combination set with their T-Series siblings.

Titleist turned to their tour staff for input into the new T-Series iron line-up and it has created seriously hot performance.

The new T-Series offers impressive playability and consistent distance control yet retains the distinctive feel and class that made the previous T-Series line-up so incredibly popular to begin with.



  • T100 = Cutting-edge tour iron
  • T150 = Longer and faster tour iron that replaces the T100S 
  • T200 = Hollow-bodied player’s-distance iron
  • T350 = Ultimate game improvement iron that replaces the T300
  • T200 Utility = Standalone, hollow-bodied long iron replacement
  • U505 Utility = High-launching, wide-soled utility


Titleist has engineered some cohesion into the T-Series range to make a combo set much more seamless.

Forged faces are now standard throughout the T-Series iron range and Titleist’s new CNC-milling process, which cuts the grooves into the face, delivers a precise and consistent feel throughout.

And blade length is  identical in three of the iron models (T100, T150 and T200). 

Titleist also called on their buddies in the Vokey Wedge department to come up with a uniform sole design for the T-Series irons.

The result is a variable bounce sole with a softer trailing edge, which limits resistance of the club head through the turf and creates a better feel.

And finally, the tungsten weighting system is consistent across the entire T-Series.

Split, heel-toe tungsten weights deliver a more precise centre of gravity and a better ball flight.

Every element contributes to an incredibly consistent feel across the entire T-Series iron line-up.


As the most played irons on the PGA tour, Titleist have understandably erred towards an evolution, rather than revolution, for the new T100 iron.

Used by the likes of Cam Smith, Justin Thomas and Max Homa on tour, the T100 is a modern player’s iron.

Featuring the shortest blade length of any iron in the T-Series range, the T100 offers precise control and a forged feel that helps top ball strikers shape and flight their shots with confidence.

While the overarching design principle was probably “don’t stuff it up”, the new T100 features several new innovations that boost performance.

The back bar that separates the top and bottom cavities has been strengthened, which allowed weight to be saved from the heel, toe and face and redirected to the tungsten weighting.

The result is a more forgiving head and tighter shot dispersion while a new CNC-milling process on the face has delivered better spin and a more consistent flight, especially from the fairway and first cut of rough. 



Replacing the T100S, the new Titleist T150 iron delivers a higher launch and more speed and distance compared to the T100 iron.

The T150 is built on the same dual-cavity platform as the T100 but features a thicker topline, wider sole and a lower centre of gravity.

A revision of the foundational Muscle Channel structure, which has been shifted further towards the T150’s forged face, enabled Titleist to redirect mass into the heel-and-toe tungsten weighting to tune a higher launch.

Lofts are 2° stronger than the T100 to take advantage of the T150’s higher trajectory and distance-focused design.



The hollow-bodied, multi-material T200 iron returns and is arguably Titleist’s biggest leap forward in the T-Series.

A premium player’s-distance iron, the T200 is largely unchanged on the outside with its clean lines and sleek head shaping.

Inside the head, however, is a different story.

Titleist has completed a sweeping redesign of the T200’s internal chassis to elevate feel and performance to another level.

The chassis is stiffer and more stable to promote faster ball speeds and extra forgiveness from the dual-taper forged face.

Loft specific heel-and-toe tungsten weighting creates high-launching forgiveness in the long irons and precise control in the short irons.

Meanwhile, the T200’s internal core support bar has been shifted closer to the face to boost feel in conjunction with a vibration-damping polymer core.

The T200 iron features a blade length and offset identical to the T100 and T150 irons.

Packed with technology, the T200 offers supreme performance in an inconspicuously compact head shape.



Titleist are confident the new T350 is the best game improvement iron they’ve ever made.

With a larger profile than the T200, the new T350 takes over from its T300 predecessor and is the most forgiving iron in the T-Series.

While the T300 was a one-piece cast cavity back, the construction of the T350 represents a massive advance.

It features a hollow body and an ultra-fast, dual-taper forged face.

The T350 riffs off the T200’s internal architecture: a rigid chassis is paired with a wedge of vibration-killing polymer to produce a soft feel off the face and a generous serving of forgiveness.

The T350’s tungsten weighting system is also significant departure from the T300.

Rather than the T300’s singular mass of tungsten, the T350 sticks with the same heel-toe weighting configuration as the other T-Series iron to promote superior feel, a high trajectory and maximum forgiveness.

The 350 has a slightly larger profile than the other three irons but will slot smoothly into the T-Series family.




Titleist also offer the new T200 utility iron as a standalone long iron replacement.

The new T200 utility iron comes in two, three or four iron lofts and is designed to fit seamlessly into any T-Series combo set.

It will appeal to players looking for a higher launch and speed/distance boost at the top end of the bag.

With its compact head shape, the T200 long irons are an alternative to the larger head size of the new U505 utility.



Feedback from Titleist tour staff has increased spin consistency and playability in the new U505 utility.

The U505 features a shorter blade length and a slightly more compact head to help players shape the ball.

Meanwhile, the U505’s single-taper forged face is tuned to boost spin from heel-side strikes, to counteract the low knife ball that often results. The face is also supported by a polymer “Muscle Plate” that improves feel and impact acoustics.

Featuring a wide sole and the same grind profile as the rest of the T-Series line-up, the U505 is loaded with tungsten to produce a high-launching ball flight that makes it ideal as both a long iron replacement or driving iron.

The U505 is available in four lofts (1: 16°, 2: 18°, 3: 20°, 4: 22°).



  • Australian Release Date: August 25, 2023
  • Hand: Right/Left
  • Grip: Titleist Universal 360
  • Titleist T100 Iron Lofts: 3: 21°, 4: 24°, 5: 27°, 6: 30°, 7: 34°, 8: 38°, 9: 42°, P: 46°, W: 50°
  • Titleist T150 Iron Lofts: 3: 19°, 4: 22°, 5: 25°, 6: 28°, 7: 32°, 8: 36°, 9: 40°, P: 44°, W: 48°
  • Titleist T200 Iron Lofts: 4: 21°, 5: 24°, 6: 27°, 7: 30.5°, 8: 34.5°, 9: 38.5°, P: 43°, W: 48°
  • Titleist T350 Iron Lofts: 4: 20°, 5: 23°, 6: 26°, 7: 29°, 8: 33°, 9: 38°, P: 43°, W: 48°, W: 53°
  • Titleist T200 Utility Lofts: 2: 17°, 3: 20°, 4: 23°
  • Titleist U505 Utility Lofts: 1: 16°, 2: 18°, 3: 20°, 4: 22°
  • Titleist T100 Standard Shaft: True Temper AMT Tour White (steel)
  • Titleist T150 Standard Shaft: Project X LZ (steel)
  • Titleist T200 Standard Shaft: True Temper AMT Black (steel)
  • Titleist T350 Standard Shaft: True Temper AMT Red (steel); Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2 (graphite)
  • Titleist T200 Utility Standard Shaft: HZRDUS Black 4G HYB 90g (graphite)
  • Titleist U505 Utility Standard Shaft: HZRDUS Black 4G HYB 80g (graphite)

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