Productive Ways of Getting Your Kids to Love Golf

Golf is a really hard sport for anyone to learn. There are so many different elements to learn- different shots, how to hit it good, rules, etiquette, what to wear- it can be overwhelming for anybody, let alone kids. So what can you do to ignite some interest in the game that you love so that you can share that experience with your family?

Here are my top tips to get your kids to LOVE golf!

Keep it simple: Let’s be honest, the most fun thing about golf is whacking driver. For adults and for kids. Soooooo, go to the driving range and let them whack driver.  As long as everyone stays safe and has fun, the rest doesn’t really matter.

Teach them the basics: Golf is more fun if you can hit some good shots.  But that doesn’t mean your 3 year old has to have the perfect swing. Teach them how to hold the club (baseball grip, hands together), get their feet in the right place, then tell them to whack the ball on the face of the club.  It can be helpful for new golfers of any age to understand what’s happened at impact when things go wrong so drip feed a little bit of info about the ball hitting the right part of the club and teach the whole movement.  In other words, focus on the big picture, not the nitty gritty.

Get clubs that fit: Don’t buy clubs that they will grow into. Using correctly fitted equipment will make learning easier and more enjoyable, as well as encouraging the correct swing patterns.

Have fun!!  Kids will immediately switch off if you start to take things too seriously. So keep it light hearted. Tell them that they did a good swing even if the shot was garbage. Set challenges that will keep them focussed for short time, and then set a new challenge. 

Play on the golf course (when the course is quiet)!!  Kids love golf carts, so take them out on the course with you in a cart, and let them hit a shot every now and again. A few holes is probably enough to begin with.  When they’re ready to play on their own, start with 3 or 4 holes and gradually increase from there.  Score doesn’t matter so if they take twenty putts, find a way to be ok with it!! Kids will notice if you start to get frustrated so just be patient.  I promise they will improve over time.

Leave while they are still loving it! Keep it short and sweet. Don’t keep pushing for hours on end.  If you’re at the range, less is more.  Get a small bucket of balls and when they’re done, it’s time to go home.  If they leave while they are still loving it, they’re way more likely to want to come back again…Finish on a high!! The reality of taking kids to the range is that you will not be able to practice the  way you would like, so save your practice for another time.

Let them decide when they want to take it more seriously: Kids are amazing.  They can surprise you when you are least expecting it.  SO if you have given them an amazing first taste of golf, provide fun times and memories, they will let you know when they are ready to take it more seriously.  

Find a golf coach that your kids love: It’s so important that your kids love their golf coach. The relationship they create will help them to enjoy the game more, so pick someone who is a good role model for your kids and that makes golf fun. 

Do group lessons and find a golf club that is invested in creating a fun and active junior section: I’ll be honest, I couldn’t tell you a thing about my lessons as a kid EXCEPT the people that I met and the fun times we had together.  Most of my friends now are from golf as a junior and at university.  That’s the beauty of golf.  It’s not just a sport, it’s a community. So help your little ones to create their own community early in their golfing career.  Those friendships will last a lifetime.


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