At GolfHQ, we help golfers love golf.

We help golfers love golf through our own sheer passion for golf. We can never forget why we’re here, or why our customers are here - because we all play a game that we’re madly in love with.

Golf HQ Love Golf

We help golfers love golf from the grassroots up.

We’re the golf company that gets amongst it with the real golfers, and we earn loyalty from clubs and communities by being there for locals and playing a genuine role in their love of golf. We make it easy for clubs to have a best-practice pro shop on site, and our online store available for golfers country-wide. We run events with vibrant activities that make the golf club a more fun place to play.

We help golfers love golf by personalising our approach to each customer.

We’re the opposite of a big barn who sells hard and pushes the customer out the door; we personalise our service, we tailor our solutions to make sure customers get the right equipment and learn how to use it properly, to improve their game. We’ve chosen our product mix to strike the right balance between cost efficiency and the most relevant range of customer solutions.

We help golfers love golf through our constant drive for improvement.

We drive to improve the game of every single customer that walks in the store or visits us online, because it’s their improvement that drives their love of the game and keeps them coming back.


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