Sureshot Pinloc 6000 IPSM

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The Sureshot PINLOC 6000 series of laser rangefinders feature our fastest optics yet, a powerful magnetic case, enhanced battery life, a premium protective hard case along with all the existing features that make Sureshot lasers so useful on the course.

A new powerful magnet inside the redesigned casing now allows the PINLOC 6000 Series lasers to be attached to a cart or caddy frame for quick access throughout your round.

The introduction of a new side button also allows from quicker changes in operation than the previous design. PINLOC 6000 series features 3 models:

  • PINLOC 6000iM
  • PINLOC 6000iPM
  • PINLOC 6000iPSM

The PINLOC 6000iM features our fastest optics and computing put into a Sureshot device, making measuring a target faster than ever before. The side button on the PINLOC 6000iM turns Scan Mode on and off.

The PINLOC 6000iPM features Pulse technology which provides a reassuring vibration when you have successfully locked onto the target. The side button on the PINLOC 6000iPM turns Pulse Mode on and off.

The PINLOC 6000iPSM features Slope technology which calculates the uphill or downhill gradients of the object you are measuring and compensates the distance to ensure you have a realistic measurement to the target. The side button on the PINLOC 6000iPSM turns Slope Mode on and off.

The PINLOC 6000 Series casing has been reimagined to better contour the shape of the human hand and promotes maximum control and comfort while operating the laser. The casing is also water-resistant and shock-resistant so it will stand up to the tough conditions faced on golf courses.

The PINLOC 6000 range continues to utilise powerful features such as:

  • Scan Mode: which allows you to receive real-time distances as you scan the terrain and horizon.
  • PINLOC Mode: which once locked onto your target, will display the distance on screen for 15 seconds.
  • PRIORITY LOC: which ignores background objects and will prioritise focal points to ensure you have measured the right distance.

The Sureshot PINLOC 6000 series of laser rangefinders come with 6x magnification ensuring objects appear closer for a clearer and more precise view. While the new and improved long-life CR2 3V lithium battery will last longer than any battery we’ve previously found in a Sureshot laser.

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