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Callaway PARADYM Driver, Fairway, Hybrids & Irons 
Posted by Golf HQ on 10th Jan 2023
A paradigm shift occurs when something is so revolutionary it doesn’t just challenge the status quo, it replaces it entirely. For example, the iPhone. The car. In golf, metal woods.
Callaway are confident their new flagship release of 2023 is destined to shake up the current golfing paradigm. In fact, Callaway are so confident they’ve decided to name it and claim it. Introducing Callaway’s Paradym line-up of Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Iron for 2023.
That’s not a typo. It’s spelt Paradym, rather than Paradigm. And certainly not Paradime. Armed with truly ground-breaking technical advancements and design innovation, the Paradym collection offers monstrous gains in speed, stability and forgiveness.
Full carbon framework, A.I. conceived face architecture, Jailbreak tech and progressive tungsten weighting form the basis of 10 unique Paradym models, which are engineered for every possible skill level.
With such paradigm-shifting performance, Callaway are expecting to shift plenty of Paradym in 2023.
Pre-orders start 20th January 2023.


How do you make a driver that shifts the paradigm like the Paradym?

First you start by stripping everything back and building from the ground up. The lightweight 360˚ carbon fibre chassis at the centre of the action is the big reveal of the new Paradym driver.

Switching to carbon fibre from titanium achieved monumental weight savings, which freed up discretional weight to be redistributed to more beneficial parts of the Paradym head. And when you throw in Callaway’s A.I. expertise to the package, which begins in the face and extends to the famed Jailbreak tech, it’s simple to see why Callaway call the Paradym their longest, fastest and most forgiving driver yet.

With three models, Callaway’s Paradym driver line-up embraces the individual and takes off-the-tee performance to another level.

Pre-orders start 20th January 2023.
Paradym Driver Tech - Carbon Chassis

360˚ Carbon Chassis

To position mass where it’s most needed the Paradym driver was designed around a lightweight carbon fibre chassis. Weighing 44 per cent less than titanium, it allows more weight to be repositioned low and deep in the head. The result? Maxed out forgiveness for off-centre strikes.

Paradym Driver Tech - Perimeter Weight

Perimeter Weighting

A 15g adjustable perimeter weight on the rear of the head provides up to 12 yards of shot shaping bias. Setting up a fade or draw-capable Paradym driver is as easy as sliding the weight to the desired position. (Adjustable perimeter weighting is only available on the standard Paradym driver)

Paradym Driver Tech - Jailbreak A,I,

Jailbreak A.I.

Callaway’s ubiquitous Jailbreak tech has been finetuned in the Paradym driver, delivering faster ball speeds and more stability. The redesigned Jailbreak is 33 per cent lighter and stiffens the clubhead both horizontally and vertically, maximising energy transfer at impact and boosting ball speeds.


No two golfers swing it exactly the same. That’s why Callaway offer three different versions of the Paradym driver – the Paradym, Paradym X, and Paradym Triple Diamond. Each model offers a different performance profile that will complement a particular swing trait or improve a weakness.

Serving up a powerful concoction of distance and forgiveness, the standard Callaway Paradym is the ultimate all-rounder. It is designed to appeal to the broadest range of skill levels and is fully adjustable too: a 15g perimeter weight provides around 12 yards of shot shaping correction.


If extreme forgiveness and no-fuss, low-spinning distance is your thing, then the Paradym X driver will mark your spot. A static 5g weight on the rear of the elongated head pushes mass low for a high-launching, high-MOI masterpiece. The Paradym X also features a slight draw bias to counter a slice.


With its extreme low-spin dynamics, the Paradym Triple Diamond is a tour-ready model aimed at elite ball strikers. A more compact head (450cc) and low-launching, neutral ball flight aids its shaping capabilities. Its 14g rear sole weight can be swapped to the front position to cut spin even further.


Callaway also offer a Women’s Paradym driver and Women’s Paradym X driver. A selection of premium shafts can be installed on the new Callaway Paradym driver series. A Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip is fitted as standard, with a Lamkin ST soft grip featuring on the Paradym women’s driver. Paradym drivers also feature an adjustable hosel, which can alter lofts two degrees higher or lower.



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