Cobra AEROJET Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons

Posted by Golf HQ on 12th Jan 2023


You don’t need a PhD in aerodynamics to appreciate what Cobra have been cooking up in their new AEROJET range. On appearances alone, the AEROJET line-up looks fast. And if something looks fast, it usually is fast. Park a Lambo next to a Kia Carnival and you’ll immediately sense which one is built for speed and which one is made for dropping the kids off to school. Flowing curves and a streamlined profile project aerodynamic speed. And chasing an aerodynamically efficient shaping is exactly how Cobra have injected more speed into the AEROJET line-up of Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons for 2023. You don’t need to know how they achieved it, although we suspect a rigorous program of wind tunnel testing and air flow simulation probably played a significant role. But you do need to know that Cobra’s AEROJET range is faster through the air and, therefore, faster and longer for everyone.



Cobra’s AEROJET driver ushers in a new era of speed with an aerodynamic head shape that is the most efficient in the game. Featuring the lowest drag coefficient of any Cobra driver, the AEROJET slips through the air with minimal resistance to maximise club head speed where it counts.

And where it counts is at impact, with every mph of clubhead speed translating to about 2.5 yards of extra distance on average.

AEROJET drivers extract distance out of every ounce of energy. And the faster you swing the driver, the greater the AEROJET advantage becomes. Add in the A.I. designed H.O.T. face and suspended internal weight bridge and it’s simple to see why driving the golf ball long and straight is easy armed with an AEROJET driver.


Cobra Aerojet Drivers Tech - Aero Shaping

Aerodynamic Shaping

Across all three driver models, a seamless aerodynamic design is adapted to deliver faster swing speeds where it counts for more distance off the tee.

Cobra Aerojet Drivers - PWR-Bridge Weight

PWR-BRIDGE Weighting

Cobra’s suspended weight bridge, located low and forward within the head, enables unrestricted face flexibility for maximum energy transfer and fast ball speeds.

Cobra Aerojet Drivers Tech -HOT Face

PWRSHELL with H.O.T. Face

Cobra’s PWRSHELL face cup is united with a new A.I. designed H.O.T. (highly optimised topology) face, optimising smash factor and speed across a larger area of the face.


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