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Posted by Golf HQ on 2nd Dec 2022

Let’s get it out of the way now: the new PING G430 family should go straight to the top of your must-demo list. Forgive us for such a bold introduction, but there’s much to like about PING’s fresh new offering.

Firstly, Australia is the launch market for the new range of G430 DriversFairwayHybrids and Irons. Full respect to PING for giving golfers Down Under the first opportunity to play the brand-new sticks, months ahead of their US release.

And secondly, PING’s generally conservative approach to new models appears to have been bypassed in the G430 range. With some impressive new tech leading to inevitable distance gains, the G430 range is certainly going to get your attention.


PING have once again split their driver offering into three parts and it roughly translates as such: one for fast swings; one for slow swings and slicers; and one for everything in between.

While the three G430 driver models (MAX, LST and SFT) share many facets of the new technology PING has cooked up, there is enough bandwidth to instil a bit of personality across the range.

And that means once you’ve found your G430 match, it’s going to be hard to beat.

PING G430 Drivers Tech - VFT Face

VFT Face

A forged face that is six per cent thinner creates uniform ball speed gains in each G430 driver model.

PING G430 Drivers Tech - Sound Solution

Sound Engineering

Internal ribs tune acoustics and cut vibrations to create better feel and enhance impact resonance.

PING G430 Drivers Tech - Trajectory Tuning

Adjust Loft & Lie

The lightweight, 8-position hosel enables adjustments for loft (±1.5°) and lie (3° flatter than std).

PING G430 Drivers Tech - Moveable Weight

Moveable Weight

A moveable tungsten back weight influences shot shapeing between the differernt driver models.


The LST (Low Spin Technology) is the G430 driver made for high swing speeds (anything over 105mph). Exclusive to the LST driver is Carbonfly Wrap, a lightweight composite that covers the crown and wraps into the heel/toe sections of the skirt to save weight and lower the CG for more ball speed, less spin and higher MOI. At 440cc, it’s the most compact model of the three.


Distance-sapping slices curse many golfers off the tee but PING’s G430 SFT driver is the antidote. The SFT (Straight Flight Technology) straightens up a banana ball with its inherent draw bias, a 22g backweight good for 13 yards of correction in the Draw position. Still not straight enough? Move it into the Draw+ slot and you’ll get a massive 20 yards of anti-slice.


Fairway Woods and Hybrids often appear a long way down the manuscript when a manufacturer unleashes a new club release.
It’s true that the attention-grabbing drivers are a hard act to follow.

But the PING G430 fairways and hybrids should really share equal billing because under the bonnet, there’s a highlight reel to really get excited about.
And we’re talking smash-it-on-the-green-in-two levels of excitement and a never-let-you-down-in-a-tight-spot kind of confidence.

Sounds good, right? Read on to take a peek at the brilliant new G430 Fairways and Hybrids

PING G430 Fairway & Hybrids Tech - Facewrap


Maraging steel face merges into the sole & crown to aid flexibility, improving launch & speed.

PING G430 Fairway & Hybrids Tech - CarbonFly Wrap


Lightweight carbon crown places CG closer to the force line, maximising ball speed and carry.

PING G430 Fairway & Hybrids Tech - Trajectory Tuning

Adjust Loft & Lie

The 8-position hosel enables adjustments for loft (±1.5°) and lie (3° flatter than std.) to further dial in ball flight for the best results.

PING G430 LST Fairway Tech - Multi Material Design

Multi-Material Design

The tour-style LST Fairway Wood utilizes a 2041 Beta-Ti Face, with a Ti-811 cast body and an 80g tungsten sole plate.


The MAX fairway is designed to connect with the largest slice of the golfing population pie. Its blend of forgiveness and distance will appeal to almost every skill level and PING reckon it provides a four-yard gain on the previous G425 MAX fairway. Its rear perimeter weight and Carbonfly crown makes it one of the most forgiving fairways in golf.


Flushers and fast swingers will prefer the LST fairway, with its Low Spin Tech optimised in the hands of golfers blessed with obscene talent (or a relentless work ethic). Titanium is all the rage, with the LST’s body and face crafted from the lightweight material, while an 80g tungsten sole plate is also included. Add it all up and that’s how you make the lowest-spinning of low-spin fairways.


Slicers get some sweet relief with the draw-biased SFT fairway. Built for slower swing speeds and offering inherent club-squaring assistance at impact, the SFT almost takes the right side out of play (for a right-handed golfer). And that is good news for the slice of the golfing population who are slicers. PING reckon it’s good for another seven yards of distance, too.


There are a total of six G430 hybrids to choose from and with their low-spinning, high-launching performance they will blend seamlessly into any set of clubs. Speed and distance gains, along with improved stopping power on the greens, make them incredible long iron replacements. Whether it’s escaping from a tight lie or going for broke, a G430 hybrid will always have your back.

Thinner Face

A slimmer face (three per cent thinner than PING G425 irons) boosts ball speeds by 2mph and expands the sweet spot.

PING G430 Irons Tech - Purflex Cavity


Re-engineered cavity badge permits more face flex (across seven zones) while reducing spin and improving acoustics.

PING G430 Irons Tech - Lower CG

Lower CG

A shorter hosel lowers the CG in conjunction with tungsten toe and tip weighting, increasing ball speeds from low on the face.

PING G430 Irons Tech - Chrome Finish

Chrome Finish

PING’s Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish ensures consistent spin levels from both wet and dry turf conditions.


With their stainless-steel construction and concentrated tungsten weighting, the irons’ customised lofts maximise distance without limiting their greenside stopping power or diminishing forgiveness. An extra 1˚ of bounce throughout the G430 set is an insurance policy against hitting fat and chunky shots, with the improved turf interaction increasing consistency of strike.


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